Albino Frog Software, Inc.


Albino Frog Software, Inc.

Hello!  Albino Frog Software is a real company, incorporated in Florida.   It's owned and operated by just one person, Sean Puckett.  I'm really wrapped up in other stuff right now and don't have much time to put together a colorful site, so please accept my apologies and this simple one, which has all the same information!

Stuff to Learn More About

Web Sites
Sean Puckett

What AFS Can Do

Windows development in Visual Basic and C++
Unix and PC development in C, C++ and Perl
Palm OS development in C and C++
Motorola TimePort development in FlexScript
Research in Motion (RIM) development in C and C++
Database administration in SQL
Web design and programming (I confess, I got lazy for this site and used FrontPage).
Small computer programming for 22 years, since the TRS-80 Model I level I.

This site is a continuing work in progress...  please bear with me!